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“John Kilar's Photos Will Get You Thrown in Jail” - Vice

“Kilar's Life photographs have me questioning what in the hell I'm doing with mine.”- UO Blog

“Nomadic photographer John Kilar's insane photos of festival culture are sure to ignite your best LSD flashback. John Kilar takes achingly gorgeous photographs of music and culture festivals around the country; specifically of moments you were there for, but can't remember because man, that molly was strong.” - The Rooster

“John Kilar's photos give you a grubby pang of envy that makes you want to smash up your laptop, get a few facial tattoos and never pay taxes again. Aged hippies, burn-outs, bums, celebs and impossibly beautiful flower children all fill the frames of Kilar's film photography, and it's hard not to feel incredibly jealous when looking at them.” -Don't Panic Online

"John Kilar is the ultimate festival photographer" - i-D

“His photos take you to places you never thought you would go & after spending a couple hours on his site this morning I feel as though I have just returned from a psychedelic acid trip nudist camp & feel amazing for it; Relaxed, alive, comfortable in my own skin, inspired to one day get off the grid & just let everything hang out for a bit.” - Sticks and Stones Agency

“If the adage goes ‘a picture is worth a thousands words’ then for LA photographer John Kilar’s images I’d like to increase that word count to around a million. John has managed to capture moments that it’s hard to believe ever happened. Thankfully John’s got the shots, and no doubt the stories, to prove it.”” - Acclaim Magazine

“He is a photographer who can capture spontaneous pictures and portraits of California life like no other. Underground, raw, street photography at its best, never afraid his shots are fresh and breathtaking marking an entire era.” - Kaltblut Magazine

“John Kilar’s iconic, unprejudiced snapshots feature subjects from all walks of life” - The Editorial Mag.

"Thanks to Kilar's photographs, you can travel from an artificially sterile world to places you would never otherwise reach." - Dazed & Confused

“LA is a wild place and it needs people like John Kilar to see and share it all.” - Oyster Magazine